New features to bring New users

October 25, 2017

This product was discontinued on 29 January 2019, for more information please read this post.

We have released an update for DECENT GO. This includes two new features and a host of improvements and fixes.

New Features:

  • Buy DCT from DGO Wallet with Changelly (more details in the blog)
  • Author profile – You can now publicly display your author’s profile (previously only visible to the author)

DECENT GO give you a payment gateway right from your Wallet! That’s right, it is now possible to use a 3d-secure credit card to buy DCT through Changelly, straight from your wallet. This move significantly reduces the barrier to entry for new users and increases the options for existing users. Ultimately, this will help DGO to grow and begin generating that “network effect.”

The second new feature gives those that upload and sell content the ability to publicly display their Author Profiles. This will help potential customers get to know authors before making a purchase. Though it is not yet possible to rate authors, this is a planned feature and will be possible with future updates.

DECENT GO is still in beta and relies on you, our early adopters, for suggestions and feedback to improve and refine the application. Based on your testing and feedback a number of issues have been addressed with this update. For brevity we’ll simply list them with a brief explanation. If something isn’t clear pop a question in the comments or seek us out on one of our community groups.

Search Improvements:

  • Some files were appearing in inappropriate categories – Fixed, now the correct category is shown.
  • Selecting subcategory did not filter results in search – Fixed, searches are now filtered by selected subcategory.

UI/UX Improvements:

  • Content upload – “Genre” and “Category” are now divided into separate inputs.
  • Disabled the ability to accidentally buy author’s own content – Author’s cannot buy their own content from now on.
  • Item title name tooltip – Long titles are now pretty – general UI improvement, before they were not displayed correctly.

Content Preview / Thumbnail image:

  • Max file size set to 5MB for thumbnails and avatar images.
  • Upload of author’s picture was not working – Fixed.
  • Thumbnail validation – The system now automatically checks thumbnails to ensure they are displayed correctly.

General Fixes:

  • Several upload content errors were reported and have been fixed thanks to user feedback.
  • Minor system tweaks for better communication with other systems.

Now that DCT is easier to access than ever before, we hope to see new users joining us and as our user base grows so too does the potential of our marketplace. While enabling easier access to DCT might not seem like such a leap for those well verse in crypto, we think the potential to bring blockchain to mainstream users should not be underestimated. What do you think of the changes? Let us know in the comments!