Naughty America and DECENT cooperate on creation of next generation Content Distribution Platform

Trust and Security are the core values that have been present throughout the whole process of DECENT Network development.

Trust and Security are the core values that have been present throughout the whole process of DECENT Network development. In order to create independent but trustworthy publishing platform, DECENT technology is focused on protection of users’ privacy and prevention of data leakages.

The problem of illegal content sharing has become a perpetual issue within digital content distribution. Video and music production and distribution companies across the world are constantly trying to find an effective solution of copyrights infringement. A solution that would ensure protection of their business and clients while being interesting for their customers and audience.

Copyrights issues and piracy represent a significantly serious threat to the adult content producing companies. Adult content is the most commonly traded type of file all over the Internet today. Naughty America, one of the major adult content production companies in the USA, has been experimenting with the newest technologies since its origin. After being the first company to introduce virtual reality to the adult entertainment sector, Naughty America is currently considering Blockchain technology to be a potential solution for the future DRM (Digital Rights Management).

As CIO of Naughty America Ian Paul told:

“Fighting piracy and providing security of the service has become one of our main goals during the recent years. It’s a crucial step to keep trust of our partners, clients and customers. Considering the technology’s level of security, transparency and inalterability of the records, I believe Blockchain is a solution.”

DECENT and Naughty America have decided to cooperate on the creation of next generation content distribution platform that will become a pilot scheme of the future digital content distribution systems. Aim of the cooperation is to implement progressive Digital Rights Management (DRM) utilizing the most recent advancements in Blockchain Technology, Digital Video Fingerprinting and Cryptography.

Digital video fingerprinting is a process in which a software identifies unique components of a video file that serve as its “fingerprint”. The technology uses characteristic features such as motion changes, colour or key frame analysis for identification. As a result of the unique approach that DECENT’s underlying technology implies each piece of content will be tracked and secured in the network from the moment it is created and uploaded, effectively preventing piracy on the network. In comparison to nowadays widely used hash coding, that can only determine a completely equal or unequal file, DECENT system will distinguish between genuine and copied content using detailed analysis of file’s characteristics.

DECENT and Naughty America have agreed to collaborate on the development of an efficient distribution system that will benefit the content producers as well as its end users. The goal is to find a thorough solution for copyrights violation and recreate the content distribution processes worldwide.