Monthly Recap – March, 2018

April 04, 2018


This past month, DECENT focused on strengthening its position as a blockchain technology provider. Our product scheduling is looking good, and the ALAX ICO is rapidly approaching (begins on April 17th). Our team helped present ALAX in London, in front of a Chinese delegation of 40 investors looking to invest in blockchain technology. Also, we have ongoing discussions with several exchanges about listing DCT and ALAX and as always, when any information can be made public we will be excited to share the news with our community.

Good news coming from our HQ in Slovakia – the Slovak Ministry of Finance has established working groups to interconnect startups, FinTech and the Finance sector in Slovakia and EU. This could possibly result in new partnerships and joint projects along the way. All positive for DECENT and DCore!

Throughout March there were several meetings with potential partners. Due to NDAs, we can’t reveal any projects we are working with until a public agreement can be established. As soon as we are able to disclose any information, we will gladly inform our community.


From a technical standpoint, March was a pretty exciting month for us:

  • We released our public testnet – a safe, secure and risk-free blockchain test environment that gives developers a huge opportunity to try out their DCore apps.

  • Development of a web voting application – the aim is to simplify the voting process for all stakeholders in our DCore DPoS consensus mechanism.

  • A big focus for our marketing and design teams this month was the revamping of our website. Currently, development on the website is ahead of schedule.

  • Development of DECENT mobile wallet:

    • Completed prototype design

    • Completed functional programming interfaces such as account management, transfer, UIA and voting.

  • Enhancement of Telegram bot:

    • Check DCT address validity when setting

    • Added admin command for fetching addresses and transfers

  • Development of infrastructure and services:

    • Set up DCore daemon endpoint and wallet endpoint cluster.

Upcoming strategy and products:

  • Execute the development plan of our web wallet

  • Test and BETA release for our web voting application

  • Further improve our desktop app

  • Code and test the new DECENT.CH



March was home to many community initiatives. We launched DECENT Moment, the second of our DECENT Contest Series. Our community participated by taking photos of our brand in locations all over the world. Stay tuned for more information on our next contest!

Also, a DECENT Moderator program is in the works. In China, we’ve built 5 new WeChat groups and selected 27 group leaders to manage them. The leaders were exclusively trained to deepen their understanding of DECENT.

Two Live Streams were organized to update and educate our community. Our DECENT Live Stream with Matej and Xiaomin on March 1st attracted an audience of more than a 1000 people. The Live Stream on Deepchain Academy also helped educate more than 20 groups about DECENT.

We held a successful AMA with Matej Michalko on Reddit. Our community provided meaningful questions and feedback. We look forward to hosting more AMA’s as a positive way to get the community involved in our project.

We’ve attended a few events this month as well. DECENT was present at “AI+Blockchain” on March 17, “Juantai Partner VC Investment Class Sharing’’ on March 24, and “Blockchain Technology Application Conference’’ on March 30.


In the next weeks we look forward to DCore improvement and the EY Blockchain Summit in New York. A little closer to HQ, we will be meeting VC’s and LPs at the 0100 Conference in Dublin.

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