Monthly Recap – February 2018

March 06, 2018

Our first of many monthly recaps where we take a look back on what has been accomplished. Here we will share with you our wins & troubles as well as our events & milestones.

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, DECENT was able to accomplish quite a lot in just 4 weeks! This is a monthly overview which highlights some of the milestones, accomplishments and updates.

Let’s first explore the technical side of things. This month we had several big announcements and released our DCore technical roadmap, the first of its kind for DECENT which was actually written by our developers and explained our focus on improving infrastructure and making DCore accessible for mass adoption.

In reference to the road map, we are already ahead of schedule with the updated version of working API and SDK documentation. Here is the updated webpage, dedicated for our DCore technical documentation with loads of important information for miners, developers and anyone looking for insights into the technical nature of DCore.

This month we also began implementing a web voting tool for miners and the design for our new website is coming along smoothly. We are looking at outsourcing the development to reduce the load on our inhouse team.

  • Voting tool progress: 50%
  • Visual prototype for progress: 95%

On to operations. We have added a new ambassador to our community, please welcome Daniel Riddell, and we had the pleasure of hosting one of our miners at the Bratislava HQ. While visiting our main office, long time miner, Jvper, was able to meet with our Founder and CEO Matej Michalko and get to know some of our other employees. We hope to increase our community involvement and meet more of our loyal and supportive members.

ALAX gave the press a juicy bit to chew on. Two major press releases this month about our cooperation with Dragonfly on the joint project ALAX led to an outreach of 177 different mentions and articles from online media including Forbes, BitcoinGarden, CryptoCurrencyMagazine, CryptoNoticias, Banklesstimes, TheTechPanda, Forklong and many other sources. An interview with Matej Michalko even made it into printed format in Forbes Magazine Slovakia. The overall potential reach of all this publicity was more than 46 million readers. Not bad for a short month!

Our team has also been busy spreading the word at international conferences. In February we attended the following:

  • Startup Grind in Bratislava
  • TEA conference in Hong Kong
  • International Blockchain Congress in Chicago
  • Google CEE Executive Summary in Mountain View, CA
  • The Bratislava Meetup
  • Meetup at Christian Grata College in Hong Kong
  • Internationally, our team in China has been working hard to increase brand awareness by launching some successful contests for community participation, increasing the numbers in their community by more than 300% this month alone.

Meanwhile at Bratislava headquarters we kicked off our bi-monthly breakfasts. This gives department heads an informal forum for sharing new projects and initiatives. Plus it’s a great chance to mix up the departments and get excited about what everyone else is doing. We are scaling up as well, adding a technical writer, project manager, and two community managers.

ALAX is rapidly approaching their upcoming ICO and certainly that is worth mention. But, also several new projects and use-cases are being discussed with some exciting potential partners. Areas under talks include using the DCore platform for:

  • Resort Currencies
  • Collective Investing
  • Academic Publishing Platforms
  • VODs
  • Tracking user data for contributor awards
  • and more.

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