Looking for a Tech Job? Join DECENT Team!

October 03, 2016

Have you ever thought about the possible future uses of crypto-currency, or Bitcoin? What about Blockchain technology? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” and your passion is coding, software engineering, and you consider yourself a tech-geek, why not going full-time and applying for one of the three available positions?

DECENT is looking for skilled enthusiasts interested in developing decentralized distribution platform, that would offer identity protection and secure all transaction be untainted by the middleman’s interference. For this to happen smoothly, we need Junior DeveloperSenior Developer and experienced Project Manager to join our team.

Developer’s priority would be design, implementation, deployment and maintenance of the product while co-planning it with the team. You have to have, at least, a bachelor’s in software engineering, CS or related background in the field and, importantly, experience with C++. Apart from being advanced programmer, problem solving and quick thinking are cherished qualities you should posses. In addition, senior developers’ responsibilities would consist of mentoring juniors and they are required to have at least 5 year production experience in distributed systems, network applications or backend development.

Project manager deals primarily with handling project; from time delivery, scope and budget, to dealing with stakeholders regarding the project status. He estimates and mitigates risks and develops methodology in the company. Prospect for this position are required to be graduates from software engineering, CS and have 4-6 years of experience with project management for software development.

If you pass the aforementioned requirements, can speak English proficiently, and revel in challenge, join us! As a start-up company with international reach, chances for growth opportunities are countless and with flexible hours, you will be able to spend your time effectively.

More information about the positions:

Junior developer: https://coinality.com/jobs/junior-developer/

Senior developer: https://coinality.com/jobs/senior-developer-5/

Project manager: https://coinality.com/jobs/project-manager-3/

DECENT welcomes every determined person, so join our cause and apply today by sending your resume to [email protected]! Remember to sign up to our newsletter to receive all important news and updates from DECENT life on time.