Look Who Won the Berlin Hackathon!

July 23, 2018
“Starting is easy, persistence is an art,” goes the German proverb.


This trait of diligence was heavily demonstrated by our hackathon contestants in the beautiful city of Berlin, Germany, where we set up the second installment of our Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon global series. How would we describe the hackathon in two words? Clever, brilliant.

But that just wouldn’t be enough!

As a prize for coming up with the best hackathon project focused on the improvement and development of smart cities, winners had a chance to take home 20,000 DCT, a mentoring and collaboration opportunity with DECENT’s experienced developers, and a free trip to Shanghai to attend one of the biggest blockchain conferences in the world, Shanghai International Blockchain Week. We had contestants coming in from Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and even Slovakia (where we had held our previous hackathon).

Our event convened at the marvelous co-working space provided by Impact Hub Berlin, one of the biggest “catalysts” for social innovation in the world. They supplied us and the participants with a flawlessly organized venue, delicious food and amazing colleagues to work with, and we can’t thank them enough. On Friday, contestants started coming in and formed teams of 2 to 5 people, and spent the rest of the day looking for the perfect way to shape cities of the future through blockchain.



Great ideas started to solidify on Saturday, and the contestants came up with their initial goals, whether it was project realization, transparent rent and leasing control, fashion garments tracking, decreasing the knowledge gap in healthcare, or community management – all powered by blockchain. Their hard work was paralleled with captivating presentations by industry professionals, the likes of Sam Liban from TheSunProtocol, who energetically explained how blockchain can improve renewable energy infrastructure in third world countries.

On the last day of the hackathon, the teams prepared amazing pitches to show in front of the jury, made out of our DECENT experts, and two representatives from LVLX and Sberbank of Russia. 1st place went to an amazing project called ‘Fashion Block’. The project’s aim is to create a transparent tracking system of shared fashion garments, e.g. times worn, usage percentage, tracking the process from fashion shows to boutiques, built exclusively on DCore.



This was achieved by a wonderful team of four collaborators, and we couldn’t miss the chance to ask them about their grand victory. Overwhelmed by emotion, the leader of the team, Robina von Stein, expressed: “I had the best team that I could have ever wished for. I am really happy and, at the same time, pleasantly surprised about winning the hackathon and the amazing prize. My team and I are excited to start further building on the DCore platform because of what we have learned about the benefits of the blockchain during this event.”

We can’t of course forget to mention the other winners.  3rd place, HANAI: Removing the knowledge gap in healthcare and the 2nd place, BlockVote: Incentivizing citizen and corporate collaboration through transparent voting.

With our second hackathon behind us in the first ever global series blockchain hackathon, we can only be excited about what’s coming next. The third instalment of Blockchain Pioneers will take place in Shanghai, details coming soon. Want to be the first to know? Join our Telegram.