London Calling and DECENT Comes Running

June 10, 2019


Surely by now, most of you are well-acquainted with our Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon series. Over the course of two years, we’ve traversed the whole wide world—visiting more than 7 nations and uniting them together technologically.

Once again, our hackathon series calls for some fresh blood. In just a few days, we’ll be visiting one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, one that even has a fully fledged “East Tech City”. Rings any bells? That’s right, we’re about to hit London!

15,000 visitors comprised of developers, designers, and other masterminds, with only 48 hours to convey their piece of genius for a chance to win amazing prizes. We’re, of course, speaking of TechXLR8—the flagship event of London Tech Week, rocking London’s tech sphere on June 12–13. This, indeed, is a great opportunity to set the ground for our eighth Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon instance. And look who’s decided to open the conference!

Image credit: Irish Examiner

Main Focus 🧐

The focal point of the hackathon, entitled HackXLR8, is aimed at the hottest technical prodigies of the era: IoT, AI, and blockchain. Choosing from these three fields, contestants will be scrambling for 48 hours to develop a game-changing solution, conceiving an app or a prototype, and presenting their masterpiece that could likely disrupt the world of business as we know it.

We, of course, encourage everyone to use our DCore platform—considering its convenient, user-friendly operativeness and usability—for a chance to win a DCube membership and realize your blockchain dreams! If you do choose DCore, our team of experienced developers will be there to help set you on the correct path toward the ultimate blockchain programming adventure.

Got an idea that you believe is hot stuff? Don’t let your chance swing by and click here to register at HackXLR8 for FREE!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner 🍗

And what’s in the prize pool, you ask?

Winning the 1st prize will put €2,810 in your pocket and provide you with an exclusive 10-minute spotlight presentation on Startup Elevate 2020 (worth more than €14,000)! Your speaker profile will be also included on the TechXLR8 website, and you’ll have an exclusive interview set up which will be promoted through the cream-of-the-crop media!

The 2nd and on-the-spot prizes include a check for €1,130, a “Startup Premium Package” for TechXLR8 2020 (worth more than €3,000) and, of course, if you choose to build on our DCore platform, you can get a free DCube incubation membership for your project—including mentorship, funding, business development, and expert technical consultation!

Sounds like a win-win-win situation to us!

Pre-Hackathon Webinar 🤯

Today, we also held an open pre-hackathon DECENT Webinar for TechXLR8 online, where we introduced our company and our proprietary blockchain platform, DCore. Missed out? No worries, we’ve uploaded the webinar to our YouTube channel! You can watch it here:

As always, reach out to us on social media channels or join us on Telegram to speak directly to a team member, and we’ll be glad to realize your dreams of a better online experience for your users.