Livestream with Matej Michalko on SV Live

February 28, 2018

On March 1st, DECENT’s Founder and CEO, Matej Michalko, will be participating in a livestream interview with SV Live. The live stream will be broadcast at 13:00 CET. (the link works in the WeChat application.)SV Insight, which runs SV Live, is a top tier media company connecting China and Silicon Valley, dedicated to delivering in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology, and exploring the essence of global innovation.

We are excited for the chance to speak with SV Live and explain to a large audience exactly what DECENT is about and what our proprietary blockchain DCore can do. Our CEO will highlight the fact that DECENT has created a scalable, open source, public blockchain, called DCore, which is purpose-built for content distribution, but customizable for a large variety of use cases.

Our DCore platform is quite literally the “core” of our company and making blockchain technologies easier to integrate for businesses and projects worldwide is our primary focus. Matej will discuss three main components, revenue sharing, crowdfunding, and custom tokens. This flexibility gives DCore an advantage over other blockchains.

ALAX, the blockchain platform for game and application distribution, will be a hot topic of discussion in the live stream. Specifically discussing how ALAX will streamline game/app distribution and payment processing by combining DCore with Dragonfly’s next generation mobile marketplace that already reaches more than 100M MAU.

Don’t miss your chance to tune in live using this link on WeChat and watch Matej cover the most important news and information coming from the DECENT ecosystem. 

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