Last Day of DECENT ICO – Let’s do this together!

November 06, 2016

The day has finally come. On November 6th, you and every other supporter of brave ideas has the last chance to participate in DECENT ICO. Since the beginning, we’ve had a clear picture in mind – gather enough to fund our exciting projects in the future. It’s almost two months we started but we still have one day and your activity is the most welcomed.

What are our goals?

We strive for innovation, next generation technology and revolution in the way distribution works. By bringing bright minds together, thus expanding our team, we inevitably push blockchain solutions into mainstream. When DECENT platform fully developed, we would be able to perfect blockchain protocol, what would result in building functioning applications secured with top-notch, multi-layered cryptography.

We want to create an environment without any intermediary to hinder the process of transaction with fees, or other mandatory payments. Our system prefers peer-to-peer principle – customer buys any digital content directly from the author.

What do you get in return?

Apart from obtaining 3,000 DCT per 1 BTC, you’ll gain a full access to apps, such as DECENT Books, DECENT Music, DECENT Stream and recently tested prototype of DECENT Web app, a blogging platform. Moreover, you’ll be one of the first to experience the premiere of blockchain-based, decentralized digital content distribution channels.

How can you contribute?

If you’re feeling unfortunate as a somebody who doesn’t own a single, or even a small fraction of BTC, worry not. DECENTenables you to participate with both ETC and ETH, along with old-fashioned fiat currencies.

Since the launch of the initial coin offering, we managed to raise more than 5800 BTC (over $4 mil.). That gave us courage and definitely solidified that this project is worth fighting for. The constantly growing number of enthusiastic supporters, willing to send us their hard-earned BTC, has climb to staggering 4000. For DECENT, relatively new, evolving startup, that information alone connotes a dawn of expansion. We started in Shanghai, continued in Yerevan.

After this event done, after DECENT ICO officially concluded, with all aspects accounted for, we might celebrate and be constantly on the search for words. But until now, you still have one day left to maximize and mobilize the strength of yourself and the community as a whole.

Sign up to our ICO, participate and enjoy the fruits of your labour.