Kuala Lumpur Event & Global Blockchain Summit Shanghai

August 16, 2017

While some key members of the DECENT team where rocking some networking in the People’s Republic of China they decided to take a side trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend the “Blockchain Disruptors” conference, an event that, topic wise, hits super close to home. The main purpose of the event, held on Aug. 16th, 2017, was to explore this new technology and how it extends beyond the financial sphere. Enter DECENTPUBLIQ, and LuxTag. Our own Founder and CEO, Matej Michalko had the honor of giving the keynote speech and was joined by LuxTag CEO, Rene Bernard, Suraya Zainudin of Wirex (president and vice president respectively of Access Blockchain Association), and Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO of PUBLIQ.

This link will take you to the event’s home page: https://www.meetup.com/DECENT-Network/events/242160476/

The Global Blockchain Summit Shanghai in, you guessed it, Shanghai, made its mark on the DECENT timeline on Aug. 15th and 16th, 2017. This time Matej was otherwise engaged so Sandra Wantrubova and Tomas Varga were there to step in. Traveling all the way from DECENT HQ, they linked up with our Chinese team at the event to explore and refine future marketing initiatives. 

Sandra, our community manager had nothing but praise for the event and the trip in general. “I was blown away by our reception in China. The event was full of excellence all round and it was great to get to know our China-based colleagues better.”


Above we have a glimpse at a blockchain-conference, Shanghai style.

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