Interview with DECENT’s Lead Graphic Designer

July 27, 2018

Despite the dark clouds looming over crypto markets in the last couple of months, DECENT continues to push forward. Our new website is still pretty fresh and we have already seen the release of a new voting tool and its latest upgrade. What’s more is that the release of an advanced DCT wallet is well in the works, coming very soon!

Our new website was designed to be easier to read, easier to navigate and more organized to better communicate our new company vision. But, it isn’t just functional – we think the new visual style fits beautifully, as well. But, where did all the new visuals come from? Who is the mastermind behind all these engaging artworks and illustrations?

To learn more, we have prepared a short interview with our lead graphic designer, Juraj Jurik.

DECENT: How about a quick introduction?

Juraj Jurik: Hello everyone, I’m Juraj, I have been working in design for a while now, over 10 years. I joined DECENT about a year and a half ago. Basically, I love doing what I do. It isn’t just a job, I consider it my passion. For me, design isn’t just about making things look good, I try to dig deeper, beneath the surface of a design. Every design should tell a story.



D: So that’s what you did when you tackled the new logo for DECENT? What was the result of your “digging”?

JJ: There are a number of things going on behind what might, at first, appear to be a very simple logo. DECENT is very much about shaping the future. Building, connecting, exchanging. Actually, exchange is a huge part of what DECENT is all about. Digital items, valued assets, ideas. Our biggest product, DCore, is open source and perfect for exchanging digital items. On top of sharing our tech, we are extremely active in educating and sharing our knowledge of blockchain technology.    

D: Talking about shapes, what elements did you try to capture in the new logo?

JJ: The choice to keep the color green was made way back in the day, since it represents life and growth and ties nicely back to our original look. I chose to add a dark “midnight” blue, to create harmony. It is this specific combination that reflects our freshness and, at the same time, determination. The shapes came from forms fundamental to building and creating, but symbolic of exchange, direction and movement. Visually, they strike a nice silhouette and will allow for great flexibility in the future.

D: The logo wasn’t an isolated task, though. You knew that the website would be redesigned, as well. Did designing the new logo help you in this sense?
JJ: I think the best approach is always to start with the logo. It provides focus and assures that all the elements present in the site are working in harmony. The fundamental shapes can be seen in the placed images and things like soft corners and even the fonts were selected to fit with the logo.

D: What new features does the new website introduce? Did they present any challenges for you, design-wise?

JJ: The News page was probably the biggest challenge. We wanted a space that was more than just a collection of articles. We wanted a true front page experience. Headlines, featured articles and even a place for upcoming teasers. That is a lot to pack into one page. But I feel pretty confident in saying that readers can now learn about DECENT in a much more dynamic and interesting way.

D: What are your expectations, considering the new website and logo?

JJ: I think the clean efficiency of it all makes visiting the site really enjoyable. Website visitors will discover a lot of interesting and enriching information, will have no trouble navigating through it, and will look forward to revisiting the website time and again.




D: Are there any current projects you’re working on right now that you would like to share with us?

JJ: I am currently designing a new web interface for a new project of ours, and I have to admit, I love the impact of this design. To me, it kicks in the door and lets everyone know there’s a new player in town. I can’t say much more than that but you’ll see it very soon.


We would like to thank Juraj for taking the time to share his thoughts. If you want to find out for yourself whether we have managed to make our website more attractive, visit and let us know what you think on Telegram!