Innovative way to deal with software issues – DECENT partners with Hackereum Project!

October 21, 2016

Imagine your software experiences malfunction, a malicious bug is slowing down your website or you’re unable to work efficiently. Then you realize there’s no time to conduct an system overhaul, you can’t spend finances to employ additional IT specialists to track the problem. Wipe the sweat off from your forehead, cooperation between DECENT and Hackereum Project has the solution.

It’s called Crowd Penetration & Exchange Platform and uses white-hat hackers to participate in pinpointing the software issue. On a behalf of company, they would track and detect the issue, upload the vulnerability onto private blockchain, designed by DECENT. Also, a company itself could post bugs onto blockchain with the intent to find hackers to mend them.

Vulnerabilities would be considered as a form of asset, comparable to Bitcoins. Hackers would obtain them by penetrating the software and trading them on DECENT Network, where they would find appropriate buyer, presumably a software engineer. �

To measure the value of vulnerabilities, Hackereum Project would set up the bug management service. It would assess the bug’s fair market value in accordance to the patented assessment formula. Hackers would receive an adequate price for product or labour cost.

This model could help businesses swiftly react to emerging problems with software and hardware. Therefore, designers could prevent vulnerabilities to occur in the future and prevent companies from dealing with the same issues.

Outsourcing the IT-oriented work could potentially save not only precious time, but also much needed finances, due to allocating technicians and staff from maintenance or servicing to development, innovation and generally creative tasks. Small startups could adhere to building the brand, rather than needlessly worry about security.

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