Innovative Ideas flooded Graz as Blockchain Meetup welcomed Developers and Enthusiasts

October 04, 2016

For once again, Graz in Austria became the small, forward-pushing technological center of Europe. During 26th September, various company representatives and project leaders got together and shared insights on their upcoming, and ongoing products. The meeting kicked off in a gallery-like, Lab10 – Incubator & Coworking space.

One of the guests was DECENT’s co-founder, Matej Michalko, who spoke at the conference on behalf of the currently running ICO. He introduced the company and shed some light on future steps DECENT plans to take. “We are finding ourselves in transitional period”, he clarified, “successful ICO would helps us to meet our long-term goals and branch out.” So far, all collected funds have risen to staggering $3.2 million dollars.

Then, after a quick snack break and beverage tasting, Program continued with a presentation by Andreas Peterson, software engineer for Minebox, a digital storage facility based on blockchain tech. He stressed out the implementation of automatized multi-layer encryption, what would it provide and didn’t forget to mention its military-grade level. Not only that, the data bank would provide peer-to-peer, decentralized autonomy for online content distribution with special renting system added. If initialized, you would get paid for providing unused disk space to other people, therefore monetize your end.

Although the main focus were appearances of aforementioned speakers, new acquaintances and chill-out atmosphere enveloped the open office premises, discussions took the stage and the conference became a friendly hangout.

If you are reading this right now and feeling by any chance unlucky that you missed BlockchainHub event in Graz, be hopeful. Thomas Zeizinger, the main organizer, assures you, new meet-ups awaits you in the upcoming months. Follow DECENT]newsletter and you’re going to know more.