Ing. Marián Hvizdoš: “DECENT can become a widely used content distribution system of the future”

September 01, 2016

Marián has rich experience in the management of a number of important industrial and financial companies. He has worked as the CEO of Vodohospodárska výstavba š.p.( Major Slovak State Owned Hydro Construction Company), the CEO of EXIMBANK SR and the CFO of Istrochem, a.s.

For a long time he has been fascinated with innovative technologies and promising ideas that could recreate everyday processes. He has extensive experience in the area of implementing automated management systems for industrial processes and applying automation in transport and electrical engineering.

Marián is a chairman of the board of directors in Innovations and Technologies Fund, which is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial initiative and businesses towards an innovative economy. During his career he has encountered various ingenious projects that has a potential to make a change in the world and offer new solutions to current problems. They focus on providing support and professional advisory services.

As a supporter of inventive technologies and solutions, Marián has met with DECENT team recently and become really excited about the potential of the technology:

“When I looked closer into the features of DECENT Network I have realized this project has a real potential to become a widely used content distribution system of the future. It’s innovative Blockchain based approach suggests a solution for obstacles people and organizations encounter every day. I am glad I can be a witness of it’s birth. We are living in exciting times!”

We are glad that DECENT is gaining attention among various sectors of today’s society. We believe this trend will help us to ensure broad adoption of the technology and provide the best possible service to people worldwide.