Hot Summer Update for DECENT GO

July 26, 2017

This product was discontinued on 29 January 2019, for more information please read this post.


It’s been a hot summer here at DECENT HQ. Here’s a quick look at the features newly added or updated on DECENT GO:

  • 2FA – Google Authenticator
  • UX/UI improvements
  • Bugfixes – progress towards fixing zero balance issues

Let’s take a closer look at the updates and what they mean for DECENT Network.

2 Factor Authentication

The first and perhaps most important part of this update is great for those of you who demand better security for your GO wallet. Please welcome Google Authenticator as an optional 2FA (2 factor authentication) protocol. You can add this to your account in the security settings after logging in to DECENT GO.

If you don’t have Google Authenticator yet, this link will help.

Once you have it set up (or if you already have it), simply log in to DECENT GO and access your security setting buy clicking the dropdown menu (your account email, top right corner)

Then choose enable 2FA and follow the on screen instructions and rest easier knowing your DCT is better protected.

Various Bug Fixes and UX Improvements

A handful of users have been experiencing 0 balance issues, even though their accounts are showing a healthy DCT balance. This update should address these issues, but perhaps more importantly, moving forward if these errors persist or new issues arise the system will return error messages to enable our devs to locate the source of the issues and take appropriate action to get you up and running much faster. 

There are also a number of other UX improvements warnings or error messages such as minimal balance notification, when for example a user tries to transfer an entire balance without reserving the transaction fee. DECENT users can now find user addresses readable in the list of transactions.

Please remember that DECENT GO is still in beta so issues are bound to pop up. Continue to send us your suggestions and experiences with DECENT GO, we want to build the best tool possible for you but that can’t happen without your feedback.