Hackathons: Extending the Clock

August 03, 2018

In the last couple of months, we’ve witnessed the debut of a couple of cool new kids on the block(chain) – our hackathon winners! From Bratislava to Berlin, we’ve had many of our community members asking questions: What happens after the hackathon is over? Will any of the projects lead to real products? Here we hope to answer our community’s curiosity!

Both of our hackathons have proved to be tremendous successes. To recap, the first winners arose in Bratislava. Their project, Werbifi – an advertising platform built on DCore’s technology – will be used for marketing purposes aimed at selling advertisements on public Wi-Fi landing pages. The winners, along with their team leader, Mihajlo Nikodijevic, visited our Bratislava offices and carried out extensive consultations with our expert team members. Currently, there is a proof of concept in the works which will establish an essential outline for the project to be built and eventually become a real use case. The winners are looking forward to this amazing opportunity and we can’t wait to see how far they can take it.

The Berlin hackathon winners, Fashion Block, took a very stylish approach to blockchain. The main idea behind their project was for producers and consumers to track fashion garments in a more secure and transparent manner. The project itself had been running for 2 months prior to the hackathon, but the team saw a unique opportunity for implementing the advantages of blockchain into their system.


We asked Robina von Stein, the prime mover behind the project, to enlighten us about the initial idea and the current state of the project:

I had been playing with the project idea for over a year now, but I started working on all the specifics only in January. Then I saw this great opportunity and thought of two reasons why I should enter the hackathon: to find a crew which would help me realize the project, and to gain deeper knowledge about blockchain itself.” When asked about her future plans, she emphasised: “We’ve already thrown the net wide and have many brands asking for a collaboration with us. My team and I are excited to visit DECENT in Bratislava and talk with their experts about making this project a reality.”

We want to see these amazing projects become a reality too! Great ideas always take time and good things come to those who wait. You know we’ll keep you updated!

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