Get your bonus by participating in DECENT ICO!

September 17, 2016

Take your chance and join DECENT ICO when you still have an opportunity to get 10% bonus! Available only until the end of this week!

Please remember that 10% bonus ends this Sunday 11pm GMT 18th of September. Join now to get the most out of DECENT ICO. Did you know there is an option to use other cryptocurrencies such as ETC and many others as well? You can easily become part of decentralized future of media by clicking on the Shapeshift button and using your altcoins to participate.

It’s only thanks to your help and trust that the idea of decentralized content distribution is step-by-step reaching the point of realization. In less than 5 days we raised more than 4600 BTC ($2,8 million) which give us an opportunity to continue with the development of DECENT Network. Our plans and milestones specified in the roadmap have always been our crucial goals and we thank you all for granting us the chance to make them come true.

Stay tuned to our official channels to see the steps we are making in order to ensure worldwide adoption of DECENT Network. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will get all the latest news and updates on time.