Geneva gets ready for next DECENT blockchain meetup

October 28, 2016

On 31st October, Geneva will host the annual Blockchain meetup with a distinct goal – shine light on both benefits and challenges of blockchain technology. DECENT co-founder, Matej Michalko will extensively elaborate on them at the local Impact Hub.

Meetup is organized by Daniela Jindra, a blockchain and bitcoin enthusiast and member of Bitcoin Association Switzerland.

Upon his return from his China tour, where he attended multitude of conferences and pivotal events for DECENT, Matej Michalko will speak about general ideas about decentralized digital content distribution, news and state of software development.

In light of recently formed partnerships, hot topic of blockchain publishing will be on the plate. Since joining the force with E-artnow, a Czech online publishing company, DECENT is closer to one of its goals – DECENT Book and DECENT Web applications.

Naturally, presenters will stress the importance of their business activities and successes. In previous weeks, DECENT has opened a new offices at Lujiazui, Shanghai and Armenia’s Silicon Valley, Yerevan. With brand new blockchain hubs operational, DECENT could more easily penetrate local markets.

Additionally, they will introduce plans for future, starting with DECENT Web app (prototype has been developed by Yerevan blockchain hub subsidiary), continuing with DECENT Book, DECENT Music and DECENT Stream.

Finally, ongoing ICO will be definitely the focus of debate. After nearly 6 weeks, total collected BTCs reached almost 5700. Both co-founders will make a strong case for an intensive participation in the following days.

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