General Info About DECENT Network and June 30th Launch

June 28, 2017

You’ve been patiently waiting since September, 2016 when DECENT made its triumphant debut by way of a very successful ICO followed by two testnets and several development updates.  Well now the wait is officially over! DECENT Network is going live on June 30th, 2017 at 12pm (noon) CEST.

DECENT Network is an ambitious project with the intention of revolutionizing data distribution across the internet and aims to become a routine adaptation of everyday life. The open-source nature of the new blockchain platform allows for other developers to build functionality and applications on top of the existing architecture.

DECENT represents a decentralized network of connected individuals and organizations who can share their work, information or ideas without being dependent on any middleman or 3rd party on a secure and trustworthy blockchain platform.

From June 30th onward, the world can enjoy a new way to browse, share and purchase authentic digital content. DECENT Network is excited to reveal what is in store for you upon the official launch.

On the scheduled launch date, June 30th, DECENT will:

  • Launch the Main Network (DECENT Network).

  • Publish the source code.

  • Share the command line client.

  • Start seeding and mining operations.

  • Make the API available for building applications on top of DECENT Network – for use by third parties.

DECENT is set to over-deliver with this launch and here are a few of the things which will be released in addition to previously scheduled items:

  • DECENT will launch the entire GUI client – a desktop application for Windows and Mac – with wallet and content distribution functions.

  • A limited version of the DECENT GO beta application which will be ready for online wallet creation.

  • The Blockchain Explorer will be ready for public.

We would like to reiterate that exchanges are independent entities and it is up to them as to which currencies they will list. Rest-assured that we are doing everything we can and when we have more information our community will know immediately!

Check this video for more info!