Founder of Microsoft Corp. in Slovakia Tibor Tarábek and his views on Blockchain potential within Content Distribution

September 05, 2016

Tibor Tarábek is the founder of subsidiary of Microsoft Corp. in Slovakia and served 5 consequent years as its General Manager. Then he founded the subsidiary of eTel, Inc., one of the first alternative telecom operators in the Central European region; where he later also served as the Managing Director. He also has great experience in the System Integration of complex information systems, managing of the companies as the CEO/COO/CIO and in the area of Sales, Marketing and International Business.

From 2008, Tibor is active in the area of internet and online marketing. He established the most successful online creative marketing agency in Slovakia – Zaraguza Digital. Later he worked on the project of the complex information system for employment and recruitment – Recagent “Práca pre Teba” (“Work for You”), which was accepted and run by the RTVS (Radio and Television of Slovakia). He then became the Director of Strategic Development and Technology of the RTVS, where he quit after the changes of government in 2012.  Nowadays he is active in the area of energy storage and its development and deployment, and in private software development business as the Funding and Marketing manager.

Thanks to his multiple experience with technology and ability to identify ideas with a great potential, Tibor became interested in the blockchain environment. Recently he has met with DECENT team and discussed what a future of content distribution could look like. During the discussion Tibor expressed his idea that blockchain implementation could improve the overall processes involved in digital media sharing:

“I’ve heard a lot about Blockchain based projects in the recent months, but DECENT is the one that has caught my attention. Thanks to the comprehensive solution and variety of usage opportunities it has the potential to become the next big thing within data distribution processes worldwide.”

As one of our main goals is to ensure worldwide adoption of DECENT Network, we are glad to see that professionals from wide range of sectors are being impressed by the technology’s potential. Let’s recreate the future of online media distribution together!