Fighting Against Child Illiteracy

April 24, 2019

Ready, steady, GO!

Putting down our laptops and taking a generous breath of fresh air, we’ve decided to join the Techbikers charity race once again. With top professionals from the tech industry joining forces, Techbikers 2019 will be raising funds for children by traversing on bikes across the globe – and we’re going to put the pedal to the metal, too!

From London to Paris, Copenhagen to Berlin, Tel Aviv to Petra, and many other exhilarating destinations around the world, Techbikers transforms the lives of millions of children in low-income countries across Africa and Asia. This is done in collaboration with a world-renowned non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world, Room to Read. Since 2015, they’ve been able to give a helping hand to more than 10 million children, never backing down from their admirable credo – “World Change Starts with Educated Children”.

Just like last year, our team has decided to give their legs a nice, (quite literally) long stretch. Who are the good Samaritans to put their legs on the line, you may ask?

Biking alongside each other in one DECENT team, Matej Michalko, our CEO himself, and Filip Kubelka, PR Manager, will ride for 3 days, conquering more than 300 kilometers (~186 miles) in total. The duo will take off from Vienna, Austria, cycle through Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava (a few of us will cheer them on here), and head toward the majestic historical city of Budapest in Hungary. Being avid cycling enthusiasts, they’re ready and determined to selflessly and restlessly help the children of the world.

Matej and Filip have created a conjoint page to raise funds for the race. You can support both of them in their goal to raise the funds needed to enter the race – the team at DECENT would be more than grateful. The contributions will, of course, go directly to the Room to Read Foundation.

Even though we’re always quite inundated with our plans to establish blockchain adoption around the globe, we can’t turn our back to such a wonderful cause as Techbikers. With the recent public launch of Token4Hope – a Vienna-based charity project which uses our DCore technology – we understand the unquestionable importance of the impact charities have on society as a whole.

Keep an out for DECENT Instagram stories to see all the live updates from the Techbikers set. As always, if you have questions, ask us anything in our live discussion on Telegram and follow us on social media for the most up-to-date news about DECENT.