Declaring a New Winner in Shanghai

September 14, 2018

After months of organizing and planning, we finally saw our Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon come to Shanghai this past weekend. Along with our simultaneous American hackathon in Wyoming, this was our first hackathon outside of Europe, but definitely not our last. Following the previous successes we had in Bratislava and Berlin, the event in Shanghai delivered another great opportunity for DECENT!

We were one of the sponsors of the 3-day Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon, which was part of a week-long conference known as Shanghai International Blockchain Week (SIBW). The selected topic for the hackathon was: “Modernizing Businesses for the Digital Age.” Out of the total 100+ participants who were present, 5 groups chose to build their product on DCore to compete in our DECENT challenge.

Similarly to our previous hackathons, we awarded 20,000 DCT to the winner who created the best project using DCore. Being part the SIBW, our teams were also eligible to win the prizes offered by Wanxiang. These included 50,000 RMB (approx. 7,300 USD) for 1st place, 30,000 RMB for the 2nd place and 10,000 RMB as a consolation prize for the 3rd place team.

Soul Chain
The first team, Soul Chain, is a dating platform specifically targeting the massive pool of young singles in China. By building it on blockchain, Soul Chain allows users to create and store their “stories” and “secrets” forever. DCore is used to generate customized tokens and send messages which will be encrypted on blockchain.

Safe Transport
SafeTransport was comprised of alumni from the Shanghai Institute of Computing Technology. Their entry was for blockchain applications in the field of ride-hailing. The project works as a ride-hailing review module using the DCore API to provide the driver’s information and personal reviews to serve passengers, drivers, and regulators.

Intelligent Parking
Parking is a major problem in China, but also all around the world. Intelligent Parking is a crossover of blockchain technology and AI attempting to solve 3 main parking issues: mismatched information due to unorganized data collection, time-consuming transfer of information and non-optimal usage of parking spaces. The project aims to solve these parking problems by creating a more efficient parking experience for everyone.

Decentralized LMS (Learning Management System)
Having achieved third place in our Berlin Hackathon, Xavier was quite familiar with our technology already and this time he created a new project called Decentralized LMS – a system that delivers content, classes, tracks the learning process, and delivers micro certifications with the aim to create more solutions for a smart city. Back in Europe, Xavier is the tech lead and co-founder of Hanai – a food safety blockchain company focused on India.

Own Your Smart City (DECENT Challenge Winner)
After spending a grueling 72 hours together, Own Your Smart City emerged as the winner of our inaugural Shanghai hackathon! “OYSC” provides smart contract based crowdfunding on their platform. Residents can invest in citywide projects, such as infrastructure, and obtain a security token from the project. Token holders of certain projects can continue to hold onto their tokens and receive dividends paid out while enjoying the service at a potential discount. The larger hope here is that this platform will allow governments to quickly assess and implement city projects that its citizens actually want. For the icing on the cake, Own Your Smart City also placed third in the Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon, so they claimed an extra 10,000 RMB on top of their 20,000 DCT.

We are always ecstatic to see such inspiring projects emerge from our hackathons, and this time it was no different. With human migrations becoming ever more present, and cities growing increasingly more dense, being able to develop smarter and more efficient cities moving forward is vital to the continuance of our species. Despite not winning, we greatly anticipate a bright future for the other teams involved as well. Moving forward, we hope the “Own Your Smart City” team will continue to develop their product.

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