DECENT’s Next Destination – London

February 02, 2017

On 21st February, DECENT will join the English blockchain community in United Kingdom’s capital, London.

Hosted by Daniela Jindra and Coinscrum, the event will concentrate on the multitude of topics, ranging from DECENT’s current activities related to development of platform, to future plans regarding our outreach endeavours.

“We’re always passionate about getting in touch with like-minded enthusiasts,” noted Matej Michalko, founder and CEO of DECENT and co-founder and chairman of Blockchain R&D Hub.

“There are challenges that need to be faced. DECENT is willing to transform the content distribution model by decentralizing it,” and he added that “the upcoming months represent the most crucial period in our company’s history.”

Michalko’s quotes allude to the ongoing development process of DECENT Network, that includes the official testing phases, first of which, Caesar, commences at the end of February.

Apart from launch schedule, Michalko will introduce DECENT’s visions, goals and advantages of decentralized content distribution for content creators, software engineers and consumers, without omitting features specific to DECENT platform.

All that said, London meetup represents a chance for our supporters to interact with DECENT’s CEO, so don’t miss your chance and meet us in London!

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