DECENT’s ICO Raised over 5500 BTC in a Month

October 09, 2016

It took only 10 hours for DECENT to raise over 3,742 BTC during its initial coin offering (ICO). On 11th September, the first day, ICO began with 104,4 BTC and was followed by 532,8 BTC. Then, after successful four-week period, the current collected sum stands at remarkable 5522 BTC (over $3 million USD)!

The first estimates were met just in two weeks thanks to our devoted supporters. The earliest of them have been rewarded with a special 50% bonus to max amount of DCTs available for BTC. Participants active in the first 10 hours of the ongoing ICO received 7500 DCT for a single BTC and, furthermore, eager ones during the first week received 10% bonus.

For every interested investor – don’t panic, DECENT ICO isn’t over. There’s still a chance to take part in the event that is going to last 4 more weeks. You have to hurry, though. Every seven-day cycle past, the value of DCTs rises. The current price is valid only until October 9, 11 pm GMT!

With an encouraged attitude and thanks to endearing support, DECENT makes an important step into the future of decentralized distribution of digital content by spreading its influence throughout the globe. Recently, it has opened an office in Shanghai, China and has become a part of JadeValue FinTech V.2 Incubator. On top of that, DECENT signed an important partnership with MinerGate that would allow over 340,000 users to mine for DCTs, once the blockchain is launched.

Based on ICO success, DECENT joined partnership with one of adult’s industry’s well-known front-runners, Naughty America. Together, they plan on developing advanced blockchain security measures to provide protection for author’s rights, including digital fingerprinting, or cryptography.

As you can see, the unparalleled help of everyone willing to be part of our project made this happen. Every contribution, from a small to extensive, created an opportunity for DECENT to play a larger role in the field of digital sharing platforms. Your appreciation helped us advancing towards particular roadmap milestones. If it’s new core written in C++ (expected during the next year), or development of advanced Apps embedded in the DECENT ecosystem, your donations helped us to finance the aforementioned goals. Thank you all for the support! Stay tuned and receive all the latest updates from DECENT life by subscribing to our newsletter and remember there is still a chance to join DECENT ICO!