DECENT’s Heading to Zurich to Speak About Blockchain

January 18, 2017

From 23rd to 24th January, DECENT’s message is going to be heard at the event called Blockchain: How Insurers are Building Trust by Breaking Down the Barriers.’ You have unique chance to meet core of decent team. Join us in Switzerland.

Main agenda primarily comprises of innovation in insurance industry by implementing blockchain technologies and reaching goals like instant payments, smart insurance and other efficiency benefits.

Goals of the conference can be summed up by several points: necessity to spotlight blockchain, stress its importance for the future and appeal to akin industries.

“We are hopeful that our ideas of decentralized distribution will find its place during the two-day occasion,” said CEO and founder of DECENT and co-founder and chairman of Blockchain R&D Hub, Matej Michalko. “The upcoming conference highlights important hurdles that need to be overcome in the following years,” he added “only then we could speak about mainstream adoption of technology.”

His thoughts will be opinionated by many other prominent guests as well. Taylor Gerring of Ethereum, Leanne Kemp of Everledger and many representatives of Swiss Re Asset Management will join the ranks of attendees. Even Alex Tapscott, co-author of acclaimed book, Blockchain Revolution, will have a speaking opportunity.

Along with co-founder and CEO of Blockchain R&D Hub, Gagik Yeghiazarian, Matej Michalko’s aim is to spread the word about DECENT’s decentralized distribution mechanism and preview the upcoming launch of DECENT Network later this year.

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