DECENT’s 1st Testnet ‘Caesar’ Official Launch Date Announcement

February 23, 2017

We are proud to announce that after an intensive development phase and incredible amount of support we received, the official launch date of DECENT’s first public testnet, ‘Caesar’ is set for the 10th of March 2017, 1:00 PM GMT!

As Matej Michalko, CEO and founder of DECENT & co-founder of Blockchain R&D Hub, declared during his talk at UCL (University College London), DECENT is officially entering its testing phase!

IMG_2017-02-23 19:06:59.jpg

Take your chance and join DECENT Testnet!

To gain an exclusive access to DECENT Network sign up using your email address! The sooner you sign up, the earlier batch of invitations you will be included in. Guarantee yourself a unique chance and become a part of the technology of tomorrow on time.

The launch day is meant to introduce and demonstrate the whole transaction model of DECENT Network, its core functionalities and security features, all complemented by the user-friendly GUI.

As for the features, that will be introduced during the testing phase of DECENT Network, they all stem from the most important DECENT GUI wallet’s functionalities. Every user will receive a certain amount of DCT necessary to participate in the testnet. Publishers will have an option to upload any digital content and set its price, while content consumers will be able to search for the content, and buy it consequently.

browse_content (1).png

Furthermore, all detailed information related to the testnet processes will be communicated thoroughly via our official channels prior to the launch. So stay tuned!

As we are approaching exciting times, the more people we get behind the project, the more assured we can be about the future of Decentralized Distribution. Help us to spread the word about DECENT and create better tomorrow for the content producers and app developers with us. With about 2 weeks left until the launch of ‘Caesar’, we ask you to register for DECENT Testnet, so that we can get as much of the valuable feedback as possible.

Your remarks and ideas belong to the most essential parts of the future development of DECENT Network. Take your chance and join DECENT Testnet now! We’re counting on you.