DECENT Website With New Content

February 07, 2017

Recently, DECENT launched a new, refined version of its website, featuring redesigned look and overall visual identity. To match our current development pace and to further promote our product, we launched several landing pages.

Landing Pages

Each landing page – for developers, content creators and testers – speaks to different set of supporters, yet every one focuses on immediate action and involvement of our base. Amidst filled company schedule focused on core development, DECENT has to reach out as well.

To explore the effects for individual users, landing pages provide brief summary of benefits for every situation regarding publishing or development. Potential content creators can find positives included in decentralized e-book publishing, movie and music distribution, while developers can discover more arguments for cost-effective use of blockchain protocol.

Also, every user has now a special opportunity to sign up for a first public testnet, Caesar via special landing page dedicated for potential testers. After registration, user’s invitation will be  included in the batch that will be sent out to all registered testers. In the right moment, every tester will be informed about the exact time of the testnet.


If you are a publisher, or developer, you need to know the ins-and-outs of DECENT platform. For that purpose, we came up with an idea of unique FAQ you can interact with. How, exactly? Through direct contact on landing page.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 3.47.51 PM.png

As it stands right now, you can access FAQ page via the footer of the homepage, or by signing up via content creator and developer landing pages. If you by any reason don’t see a relevant question in any FAQ section, submit your own (you can find that option on the bottom of every FAQ section).

The question will get through editorial process and soon appear in the FAQ as a high priority enquiry. Depending on whether you’re asking from a content creator’s, developer’s or a general standpoint, question and answer will be added in the separate pool of FAQ, pictured here.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 3.17.38 PM.png

What do you mean by interactive service? We want to be in a close contact with our supporters and expanded FAQ page is just one way to do it. Every new addition to the section proves we take our loyal base seriously, not to mention it lets us respond quickly to many raised questions.

What’s the methodology for choosing the right question?

All questions will be sent to our database from which we pick the most nuanced and related to an interesting issue. Alternatively, we compile an aggregate of similarly themed questions and come up with an answer, specific and overarching enough to cover all grounds.

These are exciting times for DECENT. We accelerating our activities in the areas of developing and marketing and community is so supportive, it gives us more motivation than ever. Despite your prefered position, check our landing pages, sign up and join our testing team.