DECENT Use Case for E-Book Blockchain Distribution

December 14, 2016

Have you ever thought about decentralized solution to e-book sale and distribution? DECENT’s proposing a new and exciting way!

We already elaborated on why blockchain can bring revolution into the entertainment industry and improve its distribution channels by implementing immutable ledger technology. Decentralized streaming and music service could easily upgrade even such powerhouses as Netflix or iTunes. There is an area of e-book purchasing and lending that DECENT could innovate as well.

Without a doubt, the largest proprietor and retailer of this particular digital item is Amazon, specifically via their subscription service, Prime. It includes a variety of benefits, some related to shipping and delivery, others similar to video and music streaming and – last but not least – Kindle owners Lending Library. Although perceived as genuinely first-rate service, in the end it may seem as inefficient because of restrictive character of some of its features.

The subscription fee ranges from $11 monthly to $99 annually, without any possibility to choose a particular benefit. Therefore, the user is forced to pay for the whole package. The authors aren’t in better situation either. For every sell, they might pay Amazon up to 50%. Regarding the lending system, you can’t borrow more than 1 book a month from other Prime user. As a result, the owner of e-books doesn’t have an ownership and control over his property.

Blockchain-based protocols build on the strengths of this model and make it better. Peer-to-peer system, the cornerstone of upcoming DECENT applications, gives the author full control over his/her content. Prices aren’t influenced by publishing houses or committees, but only by the author himself. No expensive subscription needed.

One could say that Amazon doesn’t have to implement blockchain into their model as they earned $5,24 million in revenue for Kindle paid content in 2015. On the other side, if retailers like Amazon chose to implement blockchain, the obvious benefits precede the currently implemented methods. Immutable ledger would boost transparency thanks to recording all transaction data in the blockchain. Plus, without a single server hosting the service, it’s literally immune to hackers wrongdoings, since the information is distributed among DECENT Network users.

Just imagine a free, open platform, where author could decide whether he/she wants to allow others to sneak-peak into earlier stages of his/her work. Or somebody borrowing an e-book from other user, without any limits, or unnecessary high fees. It would be a perfect fusion of library management app with innovative decentralized measures.

DECENT innovation could not only improve the experience of each user, but also enhance businesses’ distribution processes. Security, transparency and openness – vital parts of the current era of digital content distribution. To discover more about our journey, subscribe to our newsletter and remember testing the basic functionalities through DECENT Web app.