DECENT to Supporters – Thank You!

November 17, 2016

Two months ago, we embarked on an important mission with a clear goal – witness, whether our ideas have future, or not. To discover the truth, we put together an ICO, exchange of cryptocurrency. We asked for a participation, regardless of the contribution amount. In the end, we stand in awe.

In the moment, as I’m writing this article, the total collected sum amounts to record-shattering 5881.34 BTC, equivalent to $4,126,290.77. To put it mildly, we didn’t anticipated the extent of the final result and still are finding adequate words to express humility and gratitude.

The bulk of donations came in the first week of ICO, later followed by predominantly smaller amounts from individuals. The initial participants were rewarded with bonuses to the maximum amount of obtained DCT for 1 BTC.

Designing, perfecting and thus innovation of blockchain technologies becomes easier and sustainable for a long time. Thanks to immense support of crypto enthusiasts, we were put into spotlight, hence our product.

We knew from the start, decentralized distribution of digital content has a potential to literally change the world, no exaggeration intended. By creating a new protocol, apps like DECENT Music, DECENT Web App or DECENT Stream are build into, authors get an opportunity to manage their product according to their own volition, minus being dependent on creative interferences like publishing houses, or other holders of property rights.

Authors themselves maintain curator status and the interaction in transactional phase is undertaken with consumers and miners. Nobody else gets a cut; authors set the price and consumers decide whether to purchase or not. Peer-to-peer system at its purest and probably the reason, why our campaign has resonated so much.

Right now, we’re looking at the bright future. DECENT has expanded globally, established new offices in Yerevan, Armenia and Shanghai, China; partnered with international institutions, hired new professionals, and generally improved already positive outlook. With ICO being a massive hit, we feel inspired and motivated.

DECENT is overwhelmed by your support, endurance to fight for the cause of liberalization of user-producer relationship. We will honor this trust by developing technologies that would innovate and replace the old ways. Technologies, that would ensure our work has meaning.

In the name of the whole DECENT team, thank you. Now let’s fight on!