DECENT, the Gotham Awards and the Future

December 19, 2017

As most of you already know our recent US trip started with a sponsorship of the Gotham Awards, celebrating the best of 2017 indie film. Among those honored for their achievements: Nicole Kidman, Dustin Hoffman, Al Gore, Sofia Coppola, and Margot Robbie. It was truly a night to remember.

Margot Robbie (Best Actress nominee for I, Tanya, at the Gotham Awards) meets some dapper DECENT fellows and Pivotal Entertainment’s Thomas Lakeman and Amorette Jones.


Our Christmas surprise this year will be an exciting new partnership with another film organization. As last minute details get ironed out, I can report this will give DECENT the opportunity to promote DCore to some of the biggest and most prestigious names in Hollywood. Stay tuned for more details.


Before the end of January, we should also announce a multi-faceted partnership with a major film organization that delivers on our promise to give power back to creators. The “core” mission of this initiative is to help filmmakers directly connect to, and build upon their global fan base. With more than ten thousand members, this organization is one of the most iconic in the industry, and we expect to create some major excitement with this initiative!

Matej on the iconic 20th Century Fox film lot.


Additional meetings in NY and LA  included: Sony Music, Nederlander Theatre Corporation, The Orchard, IFP, Arkadium, 20th Century Fox, Film Independent, as well as a small army of wickedly passionate indie filmmakers. The conversations covered a wide variety of needs from various entertainment industries–

  • Game developers showing extreme interest in how blockchain can integrate into their eco-systems for more effective data/payment.
  • Theatrical/Live Events companies wanting to know how we could help prevent scalping/unfair ticket pricing and utilize metadata to market more efficiently.
  • Music companies asking us to create easier transparency and efficiency.
  • Entertainment/media companies needing help to build their global identities and engage more efficiently with their audience/consumers.
  • Indie producers searching for ways to reduce crippling fees, and help build their talent reach and maintain a global audience.

There was much excitement on how DECENT can and will revolutionize the way film/content is created, consumed and monetized. We are thrilled to share news of our growing involvement in the US. Many opportunities are still to come, so stay tuned! We will continue to meet and work closely with these industries to make the exchange of digital items better for everyone. If there is one take-away from all of these meetings, it’s that we are moving out of the theoretical!

A shout out and thanks to our fellow Gotham Award sponsors.