DECENT Story – How the Idea of Blockchain based Content Distribution Network came to life

September 09, 2016

Enthusiasm, fascination by innovative technologies and vigorous approach to life lead the founders of DECENT together to reach a common goal to recreate digital content distribution processes all over the world.

What has begun as a discussion about potential future uses of the Bitcoin’s underlying technology has eventually became an international project with an ambition to start a Digital Revolution and change the way we share information and ideas all over the Internet today. DECENT Network is a long-term project that wants to solve current problems within worldwide content distribution by implementing principles of decentralization into the communication flow of today’s society.

The history of DECENT actually began when two old-time friends Matej Michalko and Matej Boda joined a common interest in technology and decided to co-organize Bitcoin-related conferences. During Bitcoin Expo in London, Shanghai, CEBEXPO Vienna and Bitcoin 2 Business Brussels they had deep conversations regarding crypto-environment. After sharing their insights into various cryptocurrencies and blockchain oriented projects, they have come to an idea, that Blockchain technology could become a unified system of digital content publishing and sharing all around the globe.

Things happened to go very fast afterwards. They joined the forces and start development of a content distribution network that will posses all the advantages of a decentralized trust machine – the Blockchain. From the very beginning, the usability of the Network by a wide range of people worldwide was one of their crucial intentions. Based on the general features of decentralization, DECENT is and always has been supposed to provide an independent and borderless content distribution while strong cryptography would ensure the highest level of trust and security throughout the process.

The outlines of the future Network were summed-up soon and the development itself could begin. Originally just an innovative idea was suddenly becoming a complex project. More people joined the team and step by step a name DECENT was derived as an abbreviation of “decentralization” and resemblance of the word “dissent” that can be understood as a backflow or let’s say an attempt to change the current reality.

The overall aim of DECENT to create a fully integrated & trustworthy worldwide system of digital content distribution was formed. DECENT team began to attend various Blockchain and technology oriented conferences such as Inside Bitcoin Conference in Chicago, CoinCongress in San Francisco, Websummit 2015 in Dublin or most recently Helsinki Blockchain Conference 2016 and Blockchain Industry Investment Forum in China. The community start growing and DECENT has caught tremendous attention in the eye of the public.

DECENT has come a long way so far and thanks to all the valuable advice and remarks received from its partners and supporters the ideas of Digital Revolution are coming into reality through a DECENT Software Sale that begins on the 10th of September 2016.

The future is yet to come, but based on DECENT’s long-term vision and plans specified in the Development plan, DECENT aims to become a liaison between various industries by bridging the gap between the emerging blockchain ecosystem.