DECENT Status & Development Update

May 19, 2017

The following is a development update about the current progress of our DECENT Network testnet phase structure and plan for the future.

Here at DECENT, we are very pleased with the amount feedback and contribution we have received from our testnet users. Those of you who are participating are exactly the community we were hoping for and your informative feedback has been crucial to our updated testnet structure.

First and foremost, we will stop collecting testers come Monday, May 22nd. So the next few days are your last chance to become a tester and try out all the features of DECENT before anyone else. Take advantage of this opportunity and register here.

After witnessing the success of Testnet #1 “Caesar”, we are anxious to launch Testnet #2 “Alberti”. Testnet #2 is already up and running in the internal testing phase. As soon as it will be approved for launch we will send invitations via email to all registered testers.

Alberti will be the second and final Testnet during the DECENT testing phase. The launch of Caesar provided essential information for our product which led us to adjust the launch structure. We have simplified our launch structure into 2 testnets in order to focus on every aspect of the feedback and data we collected from Caesar.

We have found that having 2 testnets is the most favorable approach, leaving the 3rd and 4th testnet phases unnecessary. Caesar performed admirably in multiple areas and many of the users who were involved in testing gave precise and thorough feedback for improvement, allowing us to make vast upgrades to Alberti and, essentially, skip the 3rd and 4th testnet phases.

Even with the restructuring of our testnet time-table, we are confident we will remain on schedule for the official launch of the DECENT Network.

Application Developers can be rest-assured that the application programing interface (API) is ready and functional. We are currently preparing wiki-documentation explaining the contents of the API and user instructions for its implementation on the DECENT Network.

API information and instructions will be sent via email to all developers who subscribed on the DECENT website. If you were one of our first subscribers, you will be the first to get the informative email. Additionally, developer subscriptions are staying open so feel free to subscribe now.

The team at DECENT realize that our followers, testnet users and ICO participants would like to see frequent updates on our progress. We will provide regular development updates, detailing the progress of the DECENT Network, with the first one coming out next week.

We value all of our supporter contributions and testnet participant feedback in making the DECENT Network the Blockchain Content Distribution Platform that will Revolutionize Data Distribution on the Internet.