DECENT Software Sale Announcement

July 27, 2016

The future is happening now. DECENT Software Sale will start on the 10th of September 2016! Mark this date as a day when we all have a one-time opportunity to change the world we live in. When we can reestablish the principles of Independence and Equality and when every single one of us can become part of the better tomorrow.

DECENT Network development has reached several goals during the recent months. We have successfully finalized DECENT prototype that demonstrated the elementary features of the Network. By attending various meetups and conferences we have spread the idea of Decentralized Content Distribution and its potential to change the future of media. We have shared our views and discussed the possibilities of Blockchain Technology with experts from all over the world. Moreover, we have been carefully listening to the remarks of crypto-community members, authors, online publishers and their readers to ensure the best possible performance of DECENT Network. Based on the knowledge we gained several features of DECENT Network have been fine-tuned together with technical solution of the Software Sale and planning of the upcoming steps in our development plan.

Now, the crucial point of DECENT development has come. After creation of the basis of the Network and establishing its security features we need your help. In order to give all the people around the globe a possibility to enjoy independent and borderless Content Distribution Network, we need to bring DECENT to life.

DECENT announces that the 10th of September 2016 is the official start day of DECENT Software Sale. This Software Sale will create the decentralized nature of the platform and provide resources for further development. Let’s make it happen together!

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