DECENT Roadmap Summary

August 12, 2016

DECENT Development plan and Roadmap has been published recently. Let’s sum up the crucial steps that will lead to the creation of DECENT Network and Infrastructure and have a closer look into our future plans.

Milestone 1: DECENT­-Core

As we have depicted in the Roadmap, the first milestone of DECENT Network development is launch of the main network or DECENT-Core. After the end of DECENT Software Sale our current core will be written in C++.  We will finalize all the basic features demonstrated in DECENT prototype and test the network to ensure the highest level of trust and security. We will wrap it up with various APIs.

DECENT Launch is planned for Q1 – ­Q2 / 2017. After the launch trading of DCT will be available as well. At the moment we are working on deals with various well-known and verified exchanges to enable the convenient way of trading for DCT holders and to create a possibility for people who didn’t participate in DECENT ICO to use the network.

Milestone 2: DECENT Apps

Right after DECENT is launched we will be focused on improvements of multiple GUIs for DECENT-­Core and craft a full batch of Apps built on DECENT­-Core. One of our main goals is to support projects that would enhance DECENT ecosystem. We will provide assistance to app developers in order to broaden the infrastructure of the Network. If you would like to become our partner and take advantage of the Open-Source DECENT protocol check this blog article for more information about possible DECENT Network use-cases and partnership options.

This will be also a point when DECENT­-News will be launched. As we have foreshadowed in the article describing the elementary features of DECENT Network, DECENT-News is a user-friendly app for online publishing of articles & news. Each author can create his own profile within the app, build his own “news feed” and start building his audience. DECENT-News is just one of many possible use-cases of the Network. Besides the aim to become a decentralized place of media publishing it aims to clearly depict what a blockchain based application actually looks like. To highlight the usability of DECENT from a basic user point of view.

The launch of DECENT-News is scheduled for Q3 – ­Q4 / 2017.

Milestone 3: DECENT Apps

After the successful initial phase of DECENT life multiple additions and extensions will be added into the network. One of the most important steps of this stage is launch of DECENT App Store. Continuous integration of DECENT­-Core into existing ebook platforms, software app stores, music marketplaces, Smart­ TVs, password managers etc. will require creation of a place where users can easily download applications to their devices.

To make the usage of DECENT even more convenient we plan to develop DECENT mobile client. With having security features always on our minds DECENT will be integrated into Hideez HW password manager. Hideez is a provider of personal keys that holds your passwords and credentials in one device and keeps it secure thanks to high level identification features such as eye iris authentication.

Next important step is development of DECENT-Vote which is a system where people submit and vote for suggested future additions to DECENT Network. Each project idea is then considered and a selected Committee chooses the ones that get support from DECENT Foundation.

From technical point of view the development plan is to continue by bolstering DECENT-­Core with additional code bases and integration of various data distribution protocols that would guarantee resilience and redundancy of the data.

Launch: Q1­ – Q4 / 2018

Milestone 4: DECENT-Stream HW

The long term plan for DECENT is to manufacture DECENT-­Stream HW devices.  Plug&Play USB­HDMI devices will enable any Smart­TV to be directly plugged into the DECENT Network. Thanks to this feature, DECENT users will be able to stream and watch their favourite content through a stable and secure network and even receive payments for it.

DECENT devices will be sold online & offline through a network of distributors.

Launch: Q3­ – Q4 / 2018, Q1­ – Q2 / 2019