DECENT reference client has got a new look!

September 08, 2016

We in the DECENT team proudly announce a new update. It has brought a complete overhaul to the graphical user interface of the DECENT reference client. The whole design underwent a lengthy process of refinement to be made more graphically appealing to the eye. Our client has thrown away its old somehow clunky dress to be built anew. However, please do note that this is merely a provisory version for testnet; it may or may not bear any resemblance to design of the actual client.

For its new attire, we have chosen a non-aggressive palette of colours to rest the user’s eye upon.

We aimed to streamline the whole process of making transactions by creating a user-friendlier interface. The navigation around the client should now be significantly easier and faster, for both publishers and regular users alike. Various functions are now accessible from the browse window as opposed to the tediously long game of hide-and-seek from the previous version.

To grant an example of such improvement, a user’s financial balance is now to be seen at all times in the right hand corner.

This is a mere milestone on our way to the desired final appearance, only the first step towards the well-refined sophisticated design we aim for.