DECENT protocol is being implemented into our Partners’ service

August 29, 2016

Recently we have announced that DECENT is gaining new partners all around the globe. Besides helping us to gain attention and spread the ideas of Digital Revolution among people most of them will also implement DECENT protocol into their services after the Network is launched.

To provide the best possible solutions for their audience, our partners will step by step join DECENT Infrastructure. Firstly, a part of the content will be distributed through DECENT for testing so everything can be adjusted according to our community needs.

“ForkLog is closely looking for new ways of communications with audience and content distribution. Considering to unstable situation with censorship in Russian-speaking Internet, projects like DECENT can become very useful someday. That is why we have decided to make a partnership and publish most of our content via DECENT after it launch.”

Toly Kaplan from ForkLog

By implementing DECENT into the existing platforms our partners can provide higher level of Trust & Security through a reliable content distribution system. While they still keep their desired features, the content flow and payment process will be based on a blockchain driven content distribution platform. Thanks to Blockchain principle of the Network, DECENT can ensure stability, independence of the service and timestamped data recording.

Help us to recreate the process of online publishing and enjoy the advantages of decentralized approach of DECENT Network. By joining DECENT, you join the future of media!