DECENT partners with ANOON!

September 07, 2016

Attention all FIAT currency enthusiasts! We in the DECENT team are happy to announce that FIAT currency payments will be made available. That includes but is not limited to purchases of DCT’s or payments within the platform itself. All of that has been made possible via our newly acquired partnership with ANOON, a secure gateway to all of your transactions.

ANOON is a type of Cryptographic Payment System that is based on a decentralized architecture. Tight security and amazing speed of transactions are the fortes of ANOON. It can easily be altered to act as a kind of “side-chain” to any other payment system, for example Bitcoin. To put it in simpler terms, ANOON grants a streamlined way to access instant and secure transactions between users and service providers whenever the need arises.

To provide a popular example of such necessity, we need not go further than to the vast world of online gaming. Whilst normally, the users would need to deposit funds with a gaming provider in order to pay instantly, when using ANOON, all that is needed is to have a wallet within their account that is connected to the desired service. Based on their motto “Cause it’s my cash” the user may request a transaction at the specific service’ provider’s website, but the provider himself has no direct access to the user’s account. Therefore the user can move the funds around freely, in full control of their account. A mechanism akin to how an actual bank account functions.

An ANOON account is a well-protected way to manage all kinds of financial transactions online. Its handy ability to order debit cards and use bank transactions, public blockchain, even PayPal to load the account puts it on par with other modern financial services dominating the market.

In conclusion, ANOON accounts are convenient and cover many, if not all, financial needs. It is a welcome addition to the list of features DECENT presents. And to make things even better, especially for those who may not be quite familiar with ANOON yet, DECENT is also going to accept PayPal payments!