DECENT part of prominent Shanghai NAB Show

December 12, 2016

From 6th-8th December, the Shanghai New International Expo Center held a major summit called NAB Show, an eventful occasion for personalities from media industry.

To illustrate the sheer scope of NAB Show, it encompassed five events. Attendees had a chance to wander into one of three main conferences, namely Post | production Conference, Film Cloud Computing Open Forum and Global Innovation Exchange: Shanghai. Organized by TCDIC and NAB, the Expo Center welcomed plenty of important guests, who focused on technological renaissance that media industry is currently undergoing.

Those changes regard to innovation in broadcast tech, VR/AR development, smart software and hardware manufacturing. That’s one of the reasons organizers came with idea of pavilions to display emerging technologies to attendees, ranging from virtual reality gadgets, drones, interactive TV apps, to new media content optimization and plenty more.

“This expo is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious venues this year has to offer,” said Matej Michalko, co-founder and CEO of DECENT Network, who continued, “not only we could represent our companies, we also seized an opportunity and explored the exhibitions.”

During a three-day conference, he and Gagik Yeghiazarian,co-founder of Blockchain R&D Hub in Yerevan, talked about utilizing blockchain distribution platform as a mean of future content sharing.

In his multiple speeches, Michalko dived into topics of DECENT blockchain revolution in the Media and entertainment industry, upgrading them via implementing peer-to-peer mechanisms, crypto-security measures, and subsequent cost-effective solutions. Since all transaction records would be held on a immutable ledger, never-before-seen transparency for authors and users is about to be maintained.

After presentation, panel discussion took place with Michalko as one of the invited guests. The main focus centered on internationalized media production with DECENT CEO elaborating on the slowly outdated distribution models that keep clinging on to intermediaries, while new, decentralized substitutions are taking over.

The Global Innovation Exchange isn’t the only premiere occasion DECENT was a part of. If you want to get info about other conferences and track our progress with blockchain-based distribution technology, subscribe to our newsletter and keep in touch.