DECENT New Website Looks Great!

January 19, 2017

In January, DECENT decided it’s the right time to launch its new website, on new server, with new sections, for more people to enjoy.

It’s a well-known fact, that to successfully represent your company, you need effective tools. Since the end of our ICO, our team was looking for various ways to beef up DECENT Network’s image, to stress our visions and success. One option was to redesign our website and come with a new, polished and streamlined look.

The overarching theme of new DECENT website corresponds with one of our mottos – connectivity. Visual icons on the homepage represent DECENT’s one-to-many digital content distribution system, without borders or barriers. The idea was to show our ambition to bridge the gap and bring content creators and consumers together, without any third-party influence.

As for colours, designers went with simple, yet slicker and more elegant two-colour palette, combination of green and light grey, with occasional black for titles and text. This decision came from the need to sculpt and refine DECENT’s visual identity.

Homepage underwent a major change. Apart from containing multiple essential information about DECENT’s goals and functionality, the visual aspect of frontend underwent a substantial re-dressing. Interactive particle effects add an eye-pleasing touch.

As for various website sections, several distinguishable improvements were made to further simplify each page. Aforementioned homepage tells you basic things about our project, and compared to previous version, you can find info about upcoming events DECENT is being part of. DECENT Apps demonstrate what’s already been built on top of DECENT protocol.

Section ‘DECENT’ gives the interested parties (developers and content providers) solid arguments for trying out the technology. Furthermore, if anybody feels engaged with the propositions, there’s a video demonstration of DECENT prototype.

Also, we’re excited to announce the new website resides on the new dedicated server that enables DECENT web to run faster and smoother. Thanks to this, our blogs and generally the entire web promptly reacts to user’s input.

If you find these informations enriching or interesting, be sure to check our progress with decentralized technology through DECENT newsletter and official social media channels.