DECENT Network Seeding – Description and Mechanics

June 29, 2017

Seeders are a vital part of DECENT Network. They are responsible for establishing the Decentralized Distribution Model by seeding digital content and making it available for the community. Seeders will earn DCT as a reward for their contribution to the functionality of the network.

Seeders will host media content in the form of offered bandwidth and filespace. Multiple seeders (a network minimum of 3) providing their own computer capacity to store and distribute digital content cuts out the need for a central server, creating the decentralized aspect of DECENT Network.

DCT rewards for seeding content are purely market-handled and subject to proof of retrievability. Seeders advertise their price for hosting files and authors (content creators who want their content distributed over the network) will contact them by meeting their conditions. Every 24 hours after this agreement the seeder will be rewarded with DCT for his hosting services. Proof of retrievability is the “checks and balances” of this process, which ensures the content being seeded is accurate and complete. Based on this validation, the reward for seeding and payment from the consumer to the publisher is guaranteed.

How to start seeding on DECENT:

Please note, that seeding will be available after the launch of DECENT Network.