DECENT Network receives support from Google

August 25, 2016

Getting noticed in the online world has always been a challenge for new projects. Interesting ideas often struggle to gain attention among millions of messages that flow through Internet each day. As DECENT’s main feature is decentralization of content distribution and connection of authors directly to content consumers on a peer-to-peer basis, the spread of the idea is one of the crucial points in the Network’s development process.

To achieve our goal we have been doing our best to stay connected with our community. We listened to your questions and advice to adjust DECENT features according to your needs. Even though we managed to get ideas of blockchain potential within digital content distribution to various corners of the world, we still need to continue with our efforts. The larger audience we can reach, the larger independence and decentralization we can build. That’s why we are glad to announce that we met the criteria and qualified for Google Ad Grants.

The program is meant to help Nonprofit organizations to become visible, engage the right audience, get more volunteers or donations. Simply said, Google Ad Grants help valuable ideas to become a reality in a today’s fast-moving world.

As Google represents a place where ideas and people are gathered together and information become accessible for everyone we believe that this step will help us to connect with more people everyday and create the stable roots of DECENT Network. The Network of individuals and organizations who want to support the change and become part of the future society.

Cooperation is what makes our dreams come true. We would like to say thank you to the TechSoup organization that has assisted DECENT with applying for the grant. TechSoup is an international group dedicated to supporting mainly nonprofit organizations to reach their goals towards better and decent world.
Thank you all for the support and let’s stay focused on innovations that bring the chance to change the world we live in.