DECENT Network – Overview of the First Week after Launch

July 06, 2017

After the successful launch of DECENT Network on June 30th, we would like to offer a summary of the first week of its life.

DCT distribution to the ICO participants started on July 2nd. Each account is handled manually to ensure all the data are correct before the transaction is confirmed and timestamped in the blockchain. By now, ICO participants who went through the ICO Reclaim and logged in to DECENT GO have their balances transferred. To be exact, more than 1700 accounts were handled and more than 27M DCT distributed.

Have you participated in DECENT ICO and do not have an account yet? Please, follow the steps on DECENT ICO Reclaim portal and afterwards login to DECENT GO using the same credentials (same Email and password). Each newly created account will be handled in maximum 7 working days from the first successful login to DECENT GO.

When DCT distribution began, trading was enabled as well. Bittrex was the first cryptocurrency exchange to integrate DCT and allow people to trade, followed by Chinese exchange Yuanbao. During the first days of trading the average 24 hour volume reached $2,224,786.67.

DCT in Numbers:

Circulating supply: 51,306,089.37456890

Minable supply: 21,891,686.40

Total supply: 73,197,775.77456890

More information about mining rewards and our algorithm can be found here. The initial infrastructure of mining established by DECENT was meant to support the network upon its launch and will be disabled as soon as mining rewards start e.g. with the 100,000th mined block (approximately, July 7th, 8 am CEST). Check DECENT Blockchain Explorer for more details.

Please remember to use the support system available on DECENT GO website for any account related issues or ICO reclaim support. Our team will consider each submitted ticket and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your support during the launch of DECENT Network. Stay tuned, more exciting news coming soon!