DECENT Network Launch Process

January 24, 2017

In 2017, DECENT faces many challenges related to the introduction of Blockchain-based Content Distribution Network and the beginning of Digital Revolution. Now you have a unique chance to witness and join the future with us!

It’s safe to assume that 2017 will be a milestone year for DECENT regarding the development of a fully functioning and interactive DECENT Network. So far, there have been several necessary steps taken to build up DECENT Blockchain Protocol and to demonstrate the potential of decentralized content distribution. To mention the most important ones, in January 2016, we presented the prototype of DECENT Network and later DECENT Blogging Platform was launched to demonstrate the basic functionalities of the future releases.

The end of Q2 2017 represents an unparalleled paradigm shift, not only for our company’s history, but also for the distribution and publishing industry in general. In two words: DECENT Network.

However, to experience a full potential of DECENT Technology, we have to undertake a number of essential steps to ensure the official launch meets requirements of the most demanding supporters. Our team remains confident in the prospect of seamless transition from testing phase to final product in June 2017.

As for the particular stages of development, there are four test phases planned at the moment which will precede the launch of DECENT Mainnet. We will report on the details and future steps via blogs with periodicity of one update blog per two weeks. Our team of developers will be polishing and perfecting the service in order to eliminate the risk factor. However, the testing phase plan might be adjusted according to the unforeseeable circumstances.

In addition, we have to make sure that upon the launch, DECENT Network is going to be ‘user-friendly’ enough both for the community of authors and content consumers without any experience with Blockchain Technology, as well as for the crypto-enthusiasts and app developers.

DECENT Testing Levels

Interesting side note: as the title for each stage of the core development, we’ve chosen a historically acclaimed cipher, named after its renowned user. Throughout the history, people obscured the meaning from an unauthorized person by utilizing substitution cipher or polyalphabetic substitution method comparably as DECENT ensures secure content distribution in the Digital Era.

Caesar, 1st Level

Preliminary release date – February 2017

Alberti, 2nd Level

Preliminary release date – March 2017

Trithemius, 3rd Level

Preliminary release date – April 2017

Vigenère, 4th Level

Preliminary release date – May 2017

The decision to pick historic names was an easy one. Each cipher stems from the previous one, similarly like the first testnet precedes the next one regarding the progress in development. As Alberti cipher replaced Caesar, second testnet of DECENT will build upon the groundwork of the first one with advanced features added.

Participants on the first testnet will have an opportunity to try out the fully functional Decentralized Marketplace with available digital content together with the addition of subscription-based content delivery solutions. The demo will also introduce advanced recommendations for various content located in the marketplace.

The official mainnet of DECENT is planned to be released in June 2017. Fully operating DECENT Core will include a full set of functions (e.g. content uploading and buying process etc.) and DECENT Online Wallet. The search engine will enable to conveniently look for a specific content while strong cryptography will provide the highest security level and data protection.

Our developers are currently using services like Travis CI, widely prefered open-source platform for testing software functionalities of an emerging project or a code. Same with Graphene project, open-source system designed for writing a code, e.g. for testing itself.

Take your chance and become DECENT tester!

To get an opportunity to participate in the exploration of early DECENT Network iterations, sign up to DECENT test-list today. The sooner you register, the sooner you will be on the shortlist for the first batches of invitations!

As an appointed tester you will be able to experience the benefits of decentralized marketplace with digital content, explore the abilities of advanced recommendation engine, subscription-based delivery system and services like uploading and buying the content. As DECENT is meant to become a global service we need your remarks. Therefore, you will have a chance to leave us a constructive feedback and comment on the pros and cons of all the specific features included in the process of content sharing via DECENT Network!

What does the future hold?

Next on the line – apps, services (integration assistance) and other software. Q3 – Q4 period of 2017 involves launch of the full roster of apps build on top of DECENT Protocol, ready to be downloaded and utilized, like DECENT Books or DECENT Music. Moreover, the official DECENT App Store for content providers, customers and developers is planned for release during 2018. Remember to check DECENT Roadmap for more detailed information about the Future of Online Publishing.

How to get exclusive access to DECENT Network?

Follow us by subscribing to our newsletter and get fresh info about the ongoing process of development or other DECENT’s activities. 2017 is about to be difficult, but we gladly welcome the challenge! Remember you can always leave your feedback and discuss DECENT’s features through our official chat group on Telegram!