DECENT Network Development Update #2

February 02, 2017

The second sprint of DECENT Network’s development called B 2017, brought a number of necessary additions to the Network’s core functionalities. Continue reading and explore the newly implemented mechanisms and features including the GUI of the DECENT Online Wallet!

From the 19th of January till the 2nd of February, the 2017 DECENT development team managed to take a huge step towards the launch of a revolutionary system of online content distribution – DECENT Network.

One of its most essential features, the seeding plugin, which deals with the Network’s core functionality, the content distribution itself, was implemented. To handle file transfers between content producers and content consumers, IPFS protocol and libtorrent was introduced, both based on a peer-to-peer principle.

Significant improvements were made within the DECENT Online Wallet as well. Firstly, we integrated the account balance feature into the wallet’s interface as a part of the wallet content display. Secondly, the addition of a ‘My Account’ option will let the user see his/her DCT or fiat balance.

To enable a convenient way of testing new features, Command Line Interface (CLI) has been temporarily integrated into the GUI (Graphical User Interface) wallet. This helps make the development process even more effective and tests various functionalities which have not been included in the GUI yet, but exist in the CLI. However, CLI won’t be a part of the fully functioning DECENT Network at launch.

Implementation of the testing software ‘Travis’ is meant to simplify the work of developers. If a mistake occurs while building the application under the DECENT Protocol, Travis will automatically point out the error by compiling it and sending it back via an e-mail notice.

The upcoming development sprint, C 2017, will conclude on the 16th of February 2017 and will focus primarily on GUI account settings. Stay in touch and subscribe to the DECENT newsletter to gain access to the latest updates and news. Remember you can always leave your feedback and discuss DECENT’s features through our official chat groups on Slack and Telegram as well!