DECENT Network Development Update #1

January 23, 2017

Great news! From now on, we’ll offer you detailed information about our progress in the development of DECENT Network on a regular basis. Stay tuned to our blog and gain valuable insight into steps leading towards the launch of a Decentralized Content Distribution Network!

In two-week rounds we will put together the most important goals achieved by our team of developers. Each ‘sprint’ (i.e. development round) has been named using the appropriate letter of the alphabet and a year during which the sprint has taken place, e.g. the first two sprints accomplished in January 2017 are called A 2017 and B 2017.

A 2017 Sprint Overview

The first DECENT Network sprint lasted from the 4th till 18th of January and brings you a list of crucial features that were completed during the period.

As the subscription mechanism was successfully implemented into the DECENT Core, the first step of the subscription-based content delivery system was achieved. Basic functionalities involve managing active subscriptions and a price-and-duration matching mechanism.

DECENT is utilizing the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus protocol. You can join the witness roles and actively participate in the Blockchain building and Network Management. Moreover, the highly prioritized features enabling files’ transfers were implemented as well. This includes the package format design(e.g. torrent-like files’ splitting into several packages).

To ensure efficiency of blockchain-based content distribution and the future growth of DECENT Network’s infrastructure, we enabled users to build the product under the primary-target operating systems. Simply said, this will allow users to conveniently build their apps on top of the DECENT Protocol using the operating system of their preference e.g. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS or even Linux.

The next sprint, called B 2017, is going to last till the 2nd of February 2017 and will introduce the next set of functionalities and core features. Subscribe to the DECENT newsletter and receive further information about the progress of DECENT Network development. Do you have any questions or remarks? Remember to join DECENT’s official chat groups on Slack and Telegram and leave your feedback anytime you want!