DECENT Links Bike Chains to Blockchain

July 10, 2018
Did you know that one in four young people in developing countries are unable to read?


Charities represent hope for those in need of help, for instance, illiterate children in third world countries. Since the millennium, there have been only small improvements in literacy among minors and this trend remains a major problem on a global scale.


DECENT wants to help change this. Focusing on childhood education is the most effective way to improve living standards across the world. We decided to put our legs to a good cause and become a sponsor for one of the most-renowned collaborations of startup communities, Techbikers. This community helps boost reading and literacy rates and improve gender equality in education among children in Asia and Africa through Room to Read, a non-profit literacy charity. Techbikers has already raised more than £304,000 for the charity and helped more than 10.7 million children around the world.

The main premise of Techbikers is to provide a challenging but safe experience for employees from various startup backgrounds to drop their laptops and get on a bike for a good cause. Our Head of Strategy at DECENT, Tomas Varga, decided to take up this challenge and bike all the way from Paris to London (more than 300 kilometers). From June 29 to July 01, 70 Techbikers, including Tomas, have pedaled alongside the legendary Eiffel tower, beautiful French countrysides, and charming old cities and lakes (with sleeping breaks and beer stops, of course). After “conquering” France, they cycled onward to Greenwich, England (pictured below), and continued through the final mile towards Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.


Tomas, with his legs still in heavy shock, recounted: “I am so excited to have been part of this great cause. I am glad that our company sees that through events like these, we can bring hope to illiterate children who need help. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll be the ones creating revolutionary blockchain ideas.”

Tomas added that he is definitely interested in doing more Techbikers in the future. Is Tomas aiming to be Slovakia’s next Peter Sagan? Who knows, but we are thrilled that he successfully reached the finish line soundly and safely. The overall accomplishment here makes us, at DECENT, proud to support such a just cause.

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