Kicking Off Autumn with Hackathons

September 18, 2018

This has been a very busy period for us at DECENT, so let’s jump right in! The main headlines include the two hackathons that ran simultaneously on the opposite ends of the Pacific Ocean, attending an entire week of blockchain events in Shanghai, networking on a sea-bound blockchain cruise, the release of our new beta DECENT Web Wallet, a new partnership in the sky with 3IPK, and being listed on a new exchange, Bit-Z!

Breaking Through the Wyoming Frontier

Some of our top developers and blockchain tech experts from Bratislava flew over to Wyoming, USA to participate in WyoHackathon 2018. DECENT sponsored the event along with other big-name companies like SingularDTV, Microsoft, Consensys, and more. The competition saw more than 400 participants and 29 teams competing to build the best projects on blockchain.

The theme for our hackathon was to “create an event ticketing system based on DCore”, which generated great interest. Out of 5 teams who joined our competition, 3 really blew us away. Therefore, we decided to split the prize and award the three teams 10,000 DCT!

One team,, built a complex voting system backed by blockchain and an event ticketing platform on DCore. This team, of only two developers (albeit highly skilled), came to us with only 1 hour left in the competition and were able to complete a working event ticketing system in under 45 minutes! WOW!

The two other winning teams consisted of high school computer programmers who had no experience with blockchain prior to coming to the event, and yet they were able to build a tremendous event ticketing platform using DCore. We were impressed by these outstanding projects so much that we decided to give them all a piece of the pie!

Blockchain Pioneers in Shanghai

While that was happening in America, our Shanghai team was busy being a part of Shanghai International Blockchain Week, which included the Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon. A total of 5 teams chose to tackle the specifically unique DECENT challenge, revolved around the theme of “Modernizing Businesses For The Digital Age”. The first place winner of our DECENT challenge ended up actually winning the third place in the larger Wanxiang Hackathon, so huge congratulations to “Own Your Smart City”. If you want to see a full recap of the Shanghai hackathon, check out this article.

DCore Presented at Shanghai International Blockchain Week

Multiple leaders from the blockchain world travelled to attend Shanghai International Blockchain Week, an ongoing annual event, hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs. We were honored to be one of their sponsors this year and also one of their main presenters during the Tech Open Day. Dr. Marian Podmajersky, our DECENT blockchain engineer, gave a speech on DCore to introduce our recent developments to the general audience, including the the latest update of the DCore version 1.3.0 release.

A Summer Cruise in the Mediterranean

While the hackathons were taking place, our CEO, Matej Michalko, and other members of our DECENT team took part in the prestigious CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise event, held in the Mediterranean region. For our team, this is another huge step forward to be integrated with the media members and “high rollers” (essentially, very-well known players) of the blockchain space.

Web Wallet Beta Release

The beta version of our heavily anticipated DECENT Web Wallet was released this week. For this release, we drastically focused on improving the UI and accessibility of functions for our users. The main dashboard we’ve implemented makes it much simpler to both send and receive tokens, and the “regenerate account keys” function can help you generate new keys, as long as you have your brain key. For a full description of the new features, click here.  

Welcome Bit-Z

Based in Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing, Bit-Z is a leading trading platform which provides professional digital asset trading and over-the-counter services. Bit-Z has been around since 2016, and adopts a bank-level SSL technology which ensures the security of transactions and GSLB with distributed servers to guarantee platform stability. This is why we are happy to announce that, as of today, DCT has officially been listed on Bit-Z. We are continuing our hard work to make sure DCT is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. To learn more, please review their guide on the DCT launch.