DECENT Joined The Blockchain Conference in Zurich

January 26, 2017

From 23rd – 24th January, DECENT attended the highly anticipated blockchain event in Zurich called Blockchain: How Insurers are Building up Trust by Breaking down Barriers.’

Hosted by Swiss Re Center for Global Dialogue, The main theme consisted of three major tactics – explaining and elaborating on blockchain technology in general, choosing the method on how to utilize it effectively, thus accelerating cross-company efficiency.

The list of presenters included Swiss Re personalities, Ian Haycock, Paul Meeusen, or Andreas Schertzinger, that extensively elaborated on virtues of implemented blockchain tech, hence updating the business model.

IMG_2017-01-26 10:41:21.jpg

Alex Tapscott, co-author of Blockchain Revolution, introduced his own, unique perspective as somebody from venture capital would. Among many guests from private sector, people from academia engaged in discussion as well, for example Mariusz Nowostawski, associate professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Apart from listening to enriching lectures, co-founder, CEO of DECENT and co-founder and chairman of Blockchain R&D Hub, Matej Michalko, together with co-founder, CEO of Blockchain R&D Hub, Gagik Yeghiazarian were among distinguished attendees that were experimenting with present blockchain technologies first hand.

“It’s impressive, what lengths are industries willing to go with innovation in mind,” he notes and continues, “blockchain is quickly becoming a buzzword in finance industry. Hopefully, more companies and sectors of economy join the trend.”

IMG_2017-01-26 10:41:27.jpg

Together, Matej and Gagik explored the expo area of conference, where they tried out interesting blockchain patents, like Bitcoin ATM’s (BTM) by Bitcoin Suisse AG, that allows buying/selling BTC for Swiss Francs. Adridadou demonstrated functionalities of Insurchain, a way to eliminate manual reconciliation. With slightly different approach, Helperbit solved the transparency issue with charities by providing a blockchain solution for them.

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