DECENT is opening its office in Shanghai

September 15, 2016

In the shadow of the famous Oriental Pearl Tower, lays a glass-covered skyscraper. There, right in the heart of Shanghai’s Manhattan, this skyscraper provides workplace for myriads of employees. They work for CashBUS, a market-leading company offering all-encompassing micro consumer loans.

CashBUS takes an approach of novelty to calculate an individual’s ability to repay. Instead of the traditional, and perhaps sometimes rigid, FICO credit score, CashBUS evaluates the target’s creditworthiness through thousands of non-traditional data sources. This way gives well over 600 million people who posses the FICO credit score too low to obtain a loan by the conventional means an access to a single payment or installment loan. CashBUS is on par, if not preceding, all the alternative available lenders; its well-refined user experience, affordable price and the interface brimming with consumer friendliness are without competition.  All of this, combined with strong focus on consumer protection and stringent product design had made CashBUS an absolute customer favorite. This economic tiger has made the Chinese loaning market its hunting grounds.

But that is far from all CashBUS has become influential for. Its significance also lies in the glazed skyscraper of JadeValue. JadeValue, a brand new FinTech v.2 Incubator that grants the chosen promising startup projects an amazing opportunity to mature and scale their business to new dizzying heights. This contemporary piece of technology will open its gates for businesses in October 2016. We are proud to announce that DECENT is one of those lucky projects that happened to be placed within the modern FinTech Incubator.