DECENT is gaining attention thanks to its constantly growing Community!

September 02, 2016

Practically unknown by the springtime of 2016, DECENT has caught tremendous attention in the eye of the public, since our advertising campaign’ start during the summer of the same year.

From Twitter to Facebook, across the wide array of the social media platforms available today, DECENT’s views have soared to thousands. In the terms of raw numbers, our Twitter page now counts well over 3.5 thousand followers, which is over a double of what we witnessed earlier this year.

Not only has DECENT entered the sight of mainstream social media, our cause has also become a topic of great discussion on the grounds of several cryptocurrency dedicated online forums, including, but not limited to Bitcointalk.

What played a big part in such a rapid growth of awareness and popularity was support of various companies, the most significant being the sponsorship granted by Google, a giant on the field of media sharing. Attention from such a well-established Mega Corporation was certainly a huge benefit to our still climbing popularity, but what matters the most in our on-going success is You.

Yes, this marvelous achievement has only been made possible by none other than You, our backers and hopefully the future users of the DECENT unique media platform. Our entire team hereby wishes to thank you for the shown support.

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